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Research Paper Energy Economy
Investigating the Role of Economic, Financial, and Political Risks on Carbon Emissions in Iran: Quantile-on-Quantile Regression (QQR) Approach

Seyyed Mohammad Ghaem Zabihi; Fatemeh Akbari; Narges Salehnia

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 7-52


  The relationship between economic, financial, political risks and per capita carbon emission (CO2) is considered as one of the major global challenges. The effect of these three factors on carbon emissions is very important. Therefore, the current research seeks to investigate the role of economic, financial, ...  Read More

Research Paper Macroeconomics
Impact of Fiscal Measures on the Infection Rate of COVID–19

Mohammad Hossein Jafari; Amineh Mahmudzadeh; Masoud Nili

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 53-85


  This paper examines the potential of government fiscal support in mitigating the consequences of shocks, particularly in relation to the infection rate of contagious diseases. The focus is on the emergence of Covid-19 and the various interventions implemented by governments to combat it. The study utilizes ...  Read More

Research Paper international trading
The Effects of Global Financial Crises on the Trade Patterns of Iran and its Partners: Pseudo Poisson MLE Method

Seyedeh Marveh Nasersadrabadi; Farhad Ghaffari; Teymour Mohammadi; Abbas Memarnejad

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 87-121


  The negative consequences of financial crises require the attention of economic policymakers and decision making centers.Therefore, considering the importance of the subject, the present study has investigated the effects of global financial crises on the trade patterns of Iran and its partners during ...  Read More

Research Paper Employment
Investigating the Nonlinear Effect of Structural Labor Change on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Iran’s Provinces Using the Panel Quantile Model

Leyla Jabari; Ali Asghar Salem

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 123-162


  Climate change, caused by the increase in the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, is one of the critical issues that mankind has faced and has created significant risks for both humans and the environment. In recent decades, many researchers have studied the factors that cause and ...  Read More

Research Paper Behavioral economics
Measurement of Individual Time Preferences Using A Laboratory Approach

Mohammad Amin Zandi

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 163-206


  The precise measurement of individual time preferences in assessing the economic plans that individuals are involved in, in the estimation of social time preferences, in the assessment of environmental and health plans is very crucial. The purpose of this research is to estimate and also describe the ...  Read More

Research Paper Monetary economy
A Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Financial Frictions on the Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy with an Emphasis on the Endogeneity of Money on Iran’s Economy

Hossein Samsami; Parviz Davoodi; Rana Abbasgholi Nezhad Asbaghi

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 207-252


  One of the factors that change the results of the expansionary monetary policy through the credit channel on the economy is the financial frictions that affected Iran's economy especially in the 2002’s and 2022’s. These frictions are manifested in variables such as capital adequacy violations, ...  Read More

Research Paper Financial Economics
Investigating Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Effects of Exchange Rate and Its Fluctuations on the Return of the Pharmaceutical Industry Stock Using Linear and Nonlinear ARDL Models

Gholamhossein Golarzi; Mahnaz Khorasani

Volume 28, Issue 96 , October 2023, Pages 253-300


  The exchange rate, as a fundamental variable, alongside other economic variables, has a significant impact on stock returns. Therefore, this study has investigated the effects of the exchange rate and its fluctuations on the pharmaceutical industry's stock returns through linear and nonlinear models ...  Read More